Posted by: Rizza | July.6.2011

the Zodiac Signs

Dec22 – Jan19 Capricorn (goat)
Jan20 – Feb18 Aquarius (water bearer)
Feb19 – Mar20 Pisces (fishes)
Mar21 – Apr19 Aries (ram)
Apr20 – May20 Taurus (bull)
May21 – Jun20 Gemini (twins)
Jun21 – Jul22 Cancer (crab)
Jul23 – Aug22 Leo (lion)
Aug23 – Sep21 Virgo (virgin)
Sep22 – Oct23 Libra (scales)
Oct24 – Nov21 Scorpio (scorpion)
Nov22 – Dec21 Sagittarius (archer)



  1. its amazing that your back on friendship bracelets again, i thought you gave up forever, i would come here everyday to see new posts and here it is! thx so much for coming back!

  2. =). I wish I have more time to work on many of my projects =(. I just have been so busy with orders lately…..but luckily I was able to finally work on zodiac signs and country flags =).

  3. I sent you an email with a couple of questions, or at least I have some so if you could let me know that would be great 🙂

  4. YAy Rizza!!!!! Im so glad your back!! i have been emailing and no reply;( Do you think you can respond? Thankss Chailyn

  5. how much are these bracelets? i would like to buy one for scorpio with the name “whitney” please

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