Posted by: Rizza | December.9.2010


An order from Briana:
Just the Name

An order from Kyrah of Spanaway, WA:
Just the name 2

An order from Morgan of Oregon, OH:

An order from Michaela:

An order from Sammie:



  1. Could you make two of the green ones with black lettering saying R.I.P Jwp III

    • Love those bracelets! I love making bracelets too! Your amazing at them!

  2. How do you make the letters like that

  3. what website did you get the letters from?

  4. The second picture is the one I ordered (: they lookk great!! Rizza did a great job and i think everyone should buy bracelets from her! thanks Rizza!

  5. did you make your own letters?

  6. I love these name bracelets they look like you bought them in a store.

    • I agree with you!!! They look like Iamveggieburger bracelets

  7. Omg!
    Those r soooo cute!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Love your friendshipbracelets!!!

  9. Hey , do you think it is possible for you to send them to Canada ? cause i lovee what you do and it is beyond what me and my friends can do 🙂

  10. Hi I was wondering if I could get one purple one with the name Abby
    One aqua blue with the name Gianna
    One pink one with the name Christina
    And baby blue one with the name Nicole
    But I’m not sure how to make an order
    Thanks so much,

  11. I would like to get more info.. Like cost and possibly make an order. Can someone email me some more information?

  12. could you make some with this team name Cancer Crushers

  13. those r so awesome!

  14. Could you make one that says ‘SAVAGE’?

  15. can you make a pink one that says ❤ R.M+L.F 1.21.11
    and blue that says ❤ L.F+R.M 1.21.11

  16. I like your original frienship bracelets, wanted one with a mame on, but they are not the same, differnt cotten and not the same style, can you please tell me if you can one like your original frienship bracelets, with a name on. Kind regards spencer

  17. Can you tell me what the prices are for 4 bracelets? (with names). That would be awesome. thanks!


  19. Can weorder customized ones??? These are soooo cute!!!

  20. hey can you tell me how to make one with abigail on it. thanks!!!

  21. How do you nuy them?

  22. How do you make these so good! I tried to make one and it didn’t look so well. :/ They do look like they were bought in a store!

  23. Could you make one that says Dancer on it??

  24. Is it possible to get ones with a date instead of a name, that are also multicolored?

  25. how do you put symbols ? like hearts ?

  26. hi i just wondering if this is still active because im planning to get at least 20 bracelets with name and symbol and wondering how long would it take to finish all those and how long would it take if u ship it in Australia??? thanks

  27. How much would two bracelets with lettering be? I would need them by Christmas (: thank you!

  28. I would like to know how much it would cost to get 4000 bracelet’s made with the red yellow and green colours. One 1500 saying Marley’s 1500 saying Mellow and 1500 saying Mood.

  29. These look great! Can you please tell me what the price would be for 1 bracelet with a name?

  30. can you put the names Rianna, Diamond, Summer,Jake and Brad on one

  31. Hi can u make me 2 black one with white letter In One the name Eddy the other one the name Carmen

  32. Awesome

  33. Hey Rizza your bracelets are awesome i make bracelets but im not that good! i was just wondering if i could get some bracelets once u reply ill tell u the colors and names.

  34. I wanna buy some of these were can I buy them online? Email me ASAP

  35. I am genuinely thankful to the owner of this web site who has shared this great piece of writing at here.

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