Posted by: Rizza | March.6.2009


Music note: [An order from Adrieanna of Colorado Spring, CO]
Name with Symbol

Star: dscn2480

Queen’s crown, Maple Leaf, Butterfly, Heart, Rose, Smiley Face: [an order from Marwa of U.A.E.] dscn24581

Peace sign: [an order from Marwa of U.A.E.] dscn2446

Yin-Yang, Peace sign, Maple leaf, Teddy Bear’s head, small Heart, Queen’s crown, Poinsettia, Pacman, Skull, Rose: dscn2182

Music note: [an order from Emilee]




  1. That peace sign pattern is the bomb! I love it!

  2. OMG , it’s so pretty >3<
    i really want to do one like this
    u r so talented ^^
    keep it up 🙂

  3. very nice pls could u do may name

  4. OMG!!! i luv the peace sign!! How do i order?!?!

  5. OMG I love your website!!!! I am a fellow friendship bracelet-maker. I have been searching through websites and Heather’s collection amazes me! But I like how you make yours in such vibrant colors!

  6. Thanks Rachel for your great appreciation :-).

  7. Your welcome! And 2 things……

    1.) Could you tell me what pattern # the “centipede” patterns is? Well that is if you got it from heathers collection….

    2.) And do you have any tips or tricks for making names because that is what I went back into making bracelets for!

    You inspired me to be bright!! I made this one
    but using orange instead of pink!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

    Rachel again!

  8. The pattern number for the centipede one is 18.
    You just have to be creative with the letter ones.

    The pattern you chose to make is cute!

    • so how do u make the crown and the flower???? Btw love the pacman!

  9. aaah! you’re so good
    I love your very neat work!

    By the way, from where did you get the font patterns (the shape of the letters)?
    Did you draw them by yourself or get them from a certain font?

  10. omg. how long will it take you to make my bracelet if i ordered it tomorrow????? does it take like forever?????????????

  11. Hi loulou…I might get your bracelet done in one to two days…just depends on how many you are ordering.

  12. I love these so much!!
    how many strings do you use for one?

  13. how do u put a peace sign on a bracelet with all the different colors?!?! i want to try making one…..your bracelets are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i was just wondering how you made differnt fonts. do you just come up with them yourself or is there a website or something that will show how to make them?

  15. luv it

    i want 😦

  16. if i wanted to order one of these,could i tell you my name and could you put my name in the bracelet?and how much would it be????please reply!

  17. Hey I was just wondering how you do the names because I make bracelets too and I just can’t seem to figure it out like do you do the knots backwards??? Please help me =\ I’m so confused. By the way I think that you are so talented and your website is amazing.

  18. how do u make this

  19. Where did you learn to make these bracelets.

    (Please reply.)

  20. How many strings did u use for the background color and how many strings did u use for the letter color?

  21. Hmm..I’m thinking of ordering something.

  22. I like these bracelets you should check out my website and order mine. Thanks!

  23. umm… hi u should make a book with your patterns and sell it it would be awesome

  24. How Many Strings did you use for the names? Like how many for the background and how many for the letters? I tried making one but I didn’t have enough strings to make the letters I wanted! Thank You! And your sooooo very talented!!

    • You use 11 strings, 10 of one color(letter/symbol), which should be around 60 inches. & then you use 1 strand of another color ( background ), which should be around 100 inches long.
      Hope i could help you!

  25. hi!
    i visit your website almost every day!
    its awesome
    yah! you should make a book with your patterns!
    that would be so cool!
    i would buy it for sure!!!

  26. Hey! I love your bracelets! I’m a fellow bracelet maker, so come check out my website at! Do it!!!!!!

  27. The last one said my name.

  28. im so glad you’re posting again! u havent updated the site in a looooooong time! i love ur site!<3

  29. thank you so much for these ideas !!

  30. Cool

  31. Wow! Your bracelets are amazing! I just wanted to know, what brand of string do you use?

  32. Do you guys still sale bracelets because I really want to buy one!

  33. could you make a bracelet with (serena) on it in blue and hot pink thanks xoxo

  34. hey, are you still making these? i love them 😀

  35. where can i order them ?

  36. Where’d you get the pattern for the music note? Or did you make it yourself??? LOVE LOVE LOVE your website! It really helped me with a school project!

  37. ho do you order????

  38. I like the music note and the crown

  39. i think you should add a pot leaf as an option..youll get a lot of hits on that.. 🙂

  40. how do i start a bracelet for the breast cancer ribbon symbol? with more than two colors?

  41. Are you still taking orders????
    Please let me know. Thanks. 🙂

    • i think she is

  42. i would like one black with ty-dye letters saying whitney with peace signs… how much? 🙂


  44. cool! i would’ve had broken my fingers by the peace sign one!

  45. Hi, i was wondering if you know how to make a book symbol. i have looked around for a pattern but cant find one. I want to make a name bracelet that has a book at the end. 🙂

  46. Those bracelets are really awesome!! You guys did an amazing job! Seeing all the symbols that are posted made me wonder if it would be possible to do a heartagram. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a link to a simple version of a heartagram…….
    If its not possible or something you may not be able to do, if you maybe know of a website that could possibly teach me how to do it, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you for your time!!

  47. hey you are really talented i know how to do bracelets just like yours its really awsome that we can both do bracelets 🙂 with names and symbols on them i wanted to know how do u make a pretty (B)

  48. I would love to order one

  49. How do you do the “&” sign???
    i love how you do your bracelets!!

  50. These look great! So even and smooth-Any secrets?!

  51. Can you please e-mail me so we can talk about an order?

  52. How did u learn how to weave all the different colours and symbols into the bracelets it is really cool and I really like them

  53. Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I
    really enjoy reading your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go
    over the same topics? Thanks!

  54. GREAT!

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