Order Bracelets

The bracelets I can do come in all different shapes and patterns. I can make bracelets with custom names and symbols. You decide what pattern, colors, size [small: 5-7 inches] [medium/regular: 6-8 inches] or [large: 7-9 inches], name, or symbol you would like and I will custom make you a bracelet.

ATTENTION surfers and potential consumers…I am now taking orders! For large orders, please allow a week to get them done. I now work 48-64hrs a week on another job, so allow a few days to get 1-4 bracelets done.   revised: August 2017


How It Works: [STEPS]
1st: Send me your order by email at rizzasbracelets@gmail.com
Please INCLUDE: pattern, colors, symbol and/or name[if any], and size (SMALL/MEDIUM/or/LARGE)
2nd: I will design and e-mail the pattern(s) to you to verify your order
3rd: Payment must be accepted before the bracelet is to be made
Accepted payment types: personal check, cashier’s check, money transfer, postal money order, or paypal
4th: When the bracelets are done, I will email you a photo of your order and I will let you know when they will be shipped
Last: Receipt [in Adobe file] will be e-mailed (only if requested)

SHIPPING fee: (for U.S. only)
$3 First Class mail (4-7 days delivery)
$6 Priority mail (2-3 days delivery)
$20 Express Mail (1-2 day delivery)

(outside U.S.) [or International]
$7 First Class mail (2-3 weeks delivery)
$30 Priority mail (7 days delivery)
$56 Express mail (1-2 day delivery)


Listed below are the prices and names of the bracelets. Double click on the name to see picture(s) of that particular bracelet:

$2 double chain knot
$2 swirls and braids
$3 diagonals (5-6 threads)
$3 diagonal three’s
$4 totem pole without beads
$4 diagonals (7-8 threads)
$4 chevron
$4 bordered chevron
$4 puzzle pieces
$4 colorful centipede
$5 totem pole with beads
$5 bow ties
$5 waves
$5 isosceles triangles
$5 diamond pattern
$5 vertical hearts
$5 colored-boxes
$5 bordered chevron with beads
$5 rag rug
$5 broken ladder
$6 zig zag
$6 bordered zigzag
$6 keychains (3″L x 1″W)
$7 peruvian bracelet
$8 braids
$8 criss cross
$8 vertical diamonds or XoXo
$9 double zigzag
$10 just the name
$11 any name with symbol
$11 Pretty Little Liars
$12 multiple color background
$13 patriotic
$14 school logo (under the process)
$15 football team-inspired bracelets (new!)
$20-$40 (depending on the length) pet collar

Symbols available at the moment:
(1)yin-yang, (2)peace sign, (3)queen’s crown, (4)butterfly, (5)rose, (6)maple leaf, (7)teddy bear’s head, (8)heart, (9)key & lock, (10)skull, (11)wine glass, (12)zodiac signs, (13)pacman, (14)star, (15)smiley face (16)ball, (17)poinsettia, (18)music note, (19)mickey mouse, (20)Nike logo, (21)Adidas logo, (22)country flags



  1. Hi,
    Can i have on made with my name on it
    And Do u send 2 the middle east *Qatar ?
    If u do my name is Amna
    & can i have a hot pink & black color

  2. I love these bracelets and prices!!! I will probably be getting a lot! 🙂 On your “any name with symbol” one, do you have to get a symbol? and for chevron can you just use 3 colors?

  3. If you would prefer getting “just the name,” you definitely have that option.

    With the chevron, you can choose 2, 3, or 4 colors. 4 colors are needed to make the bracelet, so one of your favorite color of the 3 will be used twice.

  4. Hey! so cool. I am going to order some over email!

  5. Hey Kelly! I might not be able to work on your order ’til after Wednesday, March 18…I’m still taking my finals ;-(.

  6. Hi!! You do amazing work, and I was wondering if I could order 3 personalized friendship bracelets, I just couldn’t figure out how to :/ if you can would you email me? 🙂

  7. Hi I am Kenzie and I’m a freshman in high school, your work is amazing. I was just in class the other day and a bunch of people started to notice the bracelet I was wearing and they all asked if I made it and before I could clearly respond, about three people asked me to make those braided friendship bracelets. Even worse is that one person wanted a peace sign bracelet and another wanted a bracelet that says 51 Haynes. I have no idea how to make any type of these braided string bracelets, and I’ve tried and tried and I’m hopeless please it would be greatly apprieciated if you would please tell me how am I suppose to order a custom bracelet from you. That way after I get these bracelets to these people I can say alright those are the last people that I will be making these bracelets for.

    I hope you get this email so I can give you the information for making these bracelets, and I do understand that there is a cost to this. Thank you 🙂

  8. Hi
    My name is Allie, i love your prices and your work but i can’t really pay in checks or postal money order. So can i send you the money in cash? I totally appreciate this. THANK YOU.

  9. ^ that kinda goes for me too. im only 14..

  10. i would pay extra if we COULD send cash!

  11. Hello! I’m jennie:) I reeaaaally love your work. I’m trying to get 2 name bracelets. Dylan & Jennie. Only names. And i was wondering if the bracelets stay really stiff?

  12. Rizza have you learned any new types of bracelets?…And where have you been? haha you haven’t updated your website…

  13. AWESOME!!! I love your bracelets! These are the best made I have ever seen!

  14. Not yet Phaedra…I have been very busy with work and lots of orders…but I’m working on a new project right now, –school logo– it will be posted shortly…it might take a week or two…I’m also practicing driving…I need to take my driver’s license before summer ends….Aaaahh! I’m 24 years old and I’m still not driving…I certainly hope I will get it done now so I can work on posting new ones before I will be busy again with school by fall…I’m sure you guys are waiting for new postings, I am too…I just can’t work on them at the moment :-(.

  15. Thanks for getting back to me and good luck on driving!!! I’ll keep my eye out for your new patterns ; )

  16. I love your bracelets! They are very unique and talented. I wish to order one but my mom won’t let, because of taxes and my family needs to save money to pay for bills. Anyway, keep up the great work!

  17. so if i want to order… let’s say the “criss cross” pattern. would i put 8 dollars cash in an envelope and send it to you?
    because the bracelet is six dollars and the shipping is two.

  18. Hi i was just wondering if you are available to make some bracelets for me? email me or if possible thanks :)!!

  19. Hey, I wanted to know if you still make bracelets, cause I wanna order some of them
    -can you email me please, thank you.

  20. i make bracelets too so i just started up a website, its not perfect yet, but i wouldn’t say its that bad! come check it out and tell me what u think on the blog at 1friendshipbracelets.weebly.com!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hey, I was just wondering if you still made and sold friendship bracelets because I am interested in ordering some. Thanks.

  22. Hi, your work is amazing! and i love your photography!!!
    however i am a penny pincher and bought a bunch of new string and so i think i should use it up b4 i go buy more bracelets….
    could you provide instructions for us who want to learn to make them ourselves. i cant seem to find good instructions on….
    double chain knot
    what easy ones would you recommend, do you have a good source of instructions??
    thanks and i love your “string art” as my friends call it.
    you can email me at blue_annie@ymail.com (blue-annie is my horse:)

  23. hey i was wondering how much a lakers bracelet would cost with shipping

  24. i just sent you an email with the order, how do i verify? are you going to email me back?

  25. Hi Rizza . Do you send the bracelets in EU-Romania?

  26. Hi, I odered a pair of your bracelets about 2 years ago. I’m attempting of making a name bracelet, but how long did you cut your strings to make a 6 inch bracelet?



  29. hi, did you learn how to make these from a book? if you did could you tell me the name!

  30. Hello, my name is kelly, I have been making bracelets since i was 7 years old,and i have to thank you for posting this! i found it very inspiring… soo… THANK YOU!

  31. Are you still making bracelets?? I would love to order one! 🙂

  32. I’ll take a hot pink and yellow bracelet that says “Paityn”

  33. i can bracelets like that but they are not easy and take a while!!!

  34. hi, can i get Ashley in one of your any name with symbol LIME GREEN AND BLACK

  35. How many words can you have on a bracelet? Is it possible to have “Mel loves you” with a heart? Thank you!

  36. Hi! I am interested in buying a braclet but I was wondering if you could do a symbol that’s not listed on your page..my friend just passed away from a disease called cystic fibrosis (cf) and I was interested in have an awareness ribbon on the braclet….for example

    Ribbon. Words. Ribbon

    I hope that makes sense!
    And it doesn’t have to be complicated..just two small simple awareness ribbons on both sides..I understand if you only have certain templates to work with but I figured I’d least ask!


  37. Hi Rizza, about the bracelet i want one with only my name on it how much would that cost and wiht the pattern is there any particular pattern you have to choose that will allow you to put my name on it.n
    thanyou 🙂

  38. hi can i buy the pretty little lair bracelets if i can you tell me

  39. I love your bracelets! I tried making the braided one, but it didn’t turn out well. I guess I’ll just have to try again 🙂

  40. Hey, I’ve emailed you weeks ago, and I actually wanted to give one of my orders to someone on an occasion but it has passed… that doesn’t mean I want to cancel, I’m still just waiting for a response from you so that I can verify, pay and receive my order. I’ve been waiting to get an email for so long now. I’m not trying to rush just letting you know! If you’ve been busy with orders and such, that’s fine! Just asking for an email back, haha Thanks. 🙂

  41. hey how do you order the pretty little liars bracelets?

  42. If I order 4 bracelets that have a name and symbol, how much is shipping and handling to new York??

  43. you made me two bracelets awhile ago in memory of my friend joey.. i was wondering if i could get two more made? one black with green lettering and the other green with black lettering. Both saying R.I.P JWP III

  44. do you have a korean one ?

  45. I was wondering if you were still making friendship bracelets and if you
    Were I sent you an email on what I would like. Thanks

  46. What colors are available? Also, could you do a pattern and a name?

    • All colors are available. I havent done a pattern and name bracelet in 1 bracelet, so I would say NO for now =(.

      • Okay, I emailed you my order.

  47. how much is shipping to the uk?

  48. $3 shipping to uk per bracelet or for all the bracelets ordered?

  49. […] Custom Friendship BraceletsBeautiful handmade friendship bracelets. […]

  50. If I order 5 bracelets is the $7 postage for all of them or just one?

  51. I’d like a bracelet. If you can email me

    • Please email me at rizzasbracelets@gmail.com if you’re interested to place your order. Please include the description of your order.

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