Posted by: Rizza | July.6.2011

Country Flags

If you’re interested to order, e-mail me at

The LIST of country flags I can do so far are as FOLLOWS:
El Salvador
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia

An order from Luis Mendoza of Toronto, Ontario Show your patriotism!!!

Available to purchase:



  1. wow this is amazing! i have been looking for a patriotic bracelet like this for a long time! do you believe there is any way you could make one for Brasil..?

  2. wow i really love these bracelets espeicially the phillipines because not a lot of people know about the phillipines. im really happy and glad you posted this. Oh and i’m filipino. Thanks!

    • Yea me Too!

  3. Wow I’d love to order a bracelet that says Peru on it with the colors

  4. is it possible for you to make asian flags??? i’m korean and i’d really like it if you could try!

  5. omg! how did you get the white and blue on the same columns?? that is sooo cool but i really dont know how thats possible. AMAZING!

  6. Hi i love how neatly you execute your bracelets well im 100% Colombian and I would like if you could make me a bracelet just send me the information on my email such as the price how long my wrist is etc.


  7. hey can you make this in Colombia

  8. this look amazing but is there any way you could make a puerto rican bracelet ?

  9. hi, i really like your braclets i’ve been looking for an egypt one but i cant find them any where. do you mind making one for egypt or giving me the link or instructions.. thxx

  10. Hi! these are awesome! i was wondering, can you make one of Mexico??? Please tell me you can

  11. i love the philippines one you did! i know this is over a year late, but where can i find one? and do they come in the philippine flag colors?

    • you can look at the prices && how to order one…

  12. im not sure if you will read this but these bracelets are really awesome! can you make one that has japan on with like a cherry blossom or something? its since i used to live there. just wondering…

  13. I would like to buy the Canada one ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. my friend wants one of these for Christmas. is there any way you can make me one that says Mexico? ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I was wondering if you know how to makejust a plan German Flag bracelet. I can’t seem to find a pattern that isn’t so complicated. Can you help me?

  16. Wow these bracelet are really good i have to say who ever are making these bracelet are truley talented cuz i cant even do this i would really like the one in the middle that says Canada how can i get it plz email me right away telling me how much for that bracelet cuz i promised my best friend who ive been friends with 4ever that ill get her one for her 14th birthday and its coming up so plz email me asap thanks good work!

  17. do you have the pattern for the Philippine bracelet?

  18. do you do them for turkey?

  19. i rilly want a turkish flag!!

  20. the patterns you did are really cool (: i really like the philipines one but any chances you could make a vietnamese flag? :S

  21. OMG! These bracelets are sooo cool, I cant make enough of them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Oh my goodness! I love the phillippines one! can i have it?

  23. can you make a new zealand one?

  24. I think these bracelets are awesome!! Where can I purchase a Bracelet like this for PERU? I would purchase multiples!


  25. i love ur bracelets could u post one of portugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. Awesome how did u do it

  27. I love your bracelets! How do you do the letters for the names of the flags ? All of them.

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