Posted by: Rizza | July.15.2008

Rag rug

rag rug



  1. omg thats so cool how did u learn that!!??

    • Wow!! OMG~ You are so frickin good at making totem poles!! 🙂

  2. Hi Nicole! This pattern is included in the Klutz friendship bracelet book… I just used various color combination.

  3. Hi its me again I have the klutz book but what pattern is it???

  4. I have the klutz book too…they say to use 6 or 7 colors? did u just use 3? and how did u set up the colors? 112233?….

  5. ooh wow i really want one of those. too bad i suck at this stuff!

  6. those are awesome:))

  7. these look amazing! i tried making one and it looks nothing like this!

  8. How do you allign the strings with three colors to make the pattern?

  9. how do you make the three colored rag rug

  10. i would like a rag rug like the first one on the left…

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