Posted by: Rizza | July.15.2008


criss cross



    i need instructions

  2. Katie, this is not an original pattern of mine. I found the pattern for this bracelet here.

  3. these are so cute. i have visited that website and i can’t understand the instructions she gives. do you know any way to make it more understandable?

  4. Yes!!!! I did it! not near as good as yours but I will practice!

  5. Wow, thats a really good one! But I cannot understant the directions either. Ill try, and tell you if i succeed!

  6. This is cool! but what is a bk and a fk?

  7. bk means backward knot and fk means forward knot

  8. How do u have enough string to make this?!?!

  9. I dont understand this at all she made it toooo confusing

  10. how much is the purple one?

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