Posted by: Rizza | September.21.2010

Favorite Things

[favorite chocolate] This is an order from Melqui

[favorite shopping center]



  1. omg, this is awesomeeeee! I love it!

  2. No doubt about it, it’s awesomeeeeee! 8)

  3. i’m so glad you’re posting your bracelets again! i love these and everything you post.

  4. how do you do it like that ? i mean , how do you switch the colors ?

  5. This is amazing you should make a video on youtube on this pattern

  6. How much does that bracelet cost ??

  7. cool!

  8. i luv your bracelets can you please tell me if you can make a name bracelet with a paw print with a name on it that itsnt a pet collar i really wasnt to get if i have to pay $12 i will but if i you can but it on a name bracelet and make it cost $8 i will pay that i have done many post and i have personaly emailed you please i know that your not supposed to talk to strangers on the internet but all i want to do is buy a bracelet

  9. this is so cool!:)

  10. how do u make that plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  11. Hi I’m new….. I’ve been making bracelets for about 2 years and i think this id the coolest braid ever i love the mnms one how much would this one cost

  12. I made one with a bunch of little hearts and my bf name on it and it look amazing

  13. Need m m bracelet and black background name bracelet with charlevoix on it. Rainbow letters?

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