Posted by: Rizza | May.12.2009

Peruvian bracelet

[rasta] order from Lily of California:

[Philippine colors] order from Robert of Hawaii:



  1. whoa…
    whered you get THIS pattern?
    or..did you make it ?

  2. please tell me that you didn’t design this by yourself…and that i can do it too…
    this is so cool!

  3. Hey guys!! I didn’t make this pattern…As I was browsing through Heather’s pattern collection, I encountered this one….I didn’t attempt to make it yet at that time but when Lily ordered the bracelet, I decided to make it…it took me a while to figure out how it would look like a peruvian bracelet. As I was making it, it didn’t look exactly as this…I came to realize that if you would flip it, it would look like this :-).

    LouLou, I’m sure you can do this too…it’s really easy!!

  4. wait…what DOES peruvian mean?
    ugh, im just gonna order one instead of trying to figure it out. 🙂

  5. I think peruvian means that it originated in Peru…so they call it peruvian bracelet. I believe they have a lot of different patterns.—check this picture out:

  6. dang…looks like I’M ordering 🙂

  7. This is amazing!! I love thesee!!

    I tried to follow heather’s instructions, but it’s so confusing!

    Do you have any other instructions you’d find helpful ?

  8. How many threads do you use to make this bracelets?

  9. 10 strings and 2 nylon cords

  10. i am totally ordering this one:]:] its so awesome:]

  11. i have a suggestion…i can not make this, but i think u can. Please click on this link and make this bracelet. post it after u r done.

  12. 🙂 🙂 :]


  14. check out my site to find out how to make it

  15. 😀 I love the pervuvian bracelet its so cool

  16. 🙂

  17. where did you learn to make your bracelets?

  18. how did you do it
    lol 😀

  19. hey… are you all like professional friendship bracelet makers??? lol just coz you r all amazing… i can only do diagonal stripes!! lol how do you figure out how to do all these?

  20. that is cool how do you do that?

  21. what material you used to make this bracelet? plz reply :p

    • I used DMC thread =).

  22. this is really cool (:

  23. Hey hey hey! We make these bracelets and more at our site! Come visit us at! Hope you like it!

  24. How do you do the chinese staircase at the top?

  25. do you have any tips on how to keep the bracelet flat? mine keeps curving and the waves arent the same size. 😦

  26. How do you make a Chinese Staircase loop at the top? it gives it a cool look 🙂

  27. how do you get the sides so tight? mine come out round!

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