Posted by: Rizza | February.1.2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is my shout out to my significant other:


An order from Leah of San Diego, CA:


An order from Dayra:


An order from Olivia of Bluffton, SC

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I made one with my sisters name on it! i love the ones with writing! check out!


hey sorry i didnt put my real email i dont want random ppl emailing me srry fo de distrust and stuff i feel bad but gotta b safeeee:))))) and OMG HOW DO I MAKE THEEEZ!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


How much would it be if u buy two bracelets like in the 3rd pic?. Can we order it with the name we want?.


How much would it cost for two bracelets like the one in the second picture?


Hey.. how much would it coast to make 2 of the ones you have in the first picture? i would want them to say AF ♥ SB


how can i order one of these?


OMG!!! i luv ur bracelets!!! i waz wondering if maybe u could show me or give me a link that shows how 2 do ur bracelts!!! ur sooo talented!!! plz show me 🐱 :)


could you send me an email please i would like to ask you some questions


I have done letters before but they didnt quite work,can you give me some tips? What happened was, you know how with letters you have to do all the letter color on the one backround color when you have a big continuous line the knots can’t go all the way up to the row above it so they arent all the way up and they are all loose and i am wondering what pattern you used to create those letters can you email it to me-to make a comment you have to enter your email so you might have it but i dont know. Your letters are so cool with that font. Please Help!


Is there any way I can get your letter pattern? Did you male it yourself? These letters look so much prettier than the basic ones on heather’s site. I’ve been making letters for a few days now and I love it! My letters aren’t the prettiest bit they’re getting there!

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  1. Hi! I love these sooo much! esp, the top one!

    When you make these, do you double up the knots or the strings? Cause mine turn out so so tiny and cave in.

    Any tips would be great! thank you 🙂

  2. making friendship bracelets are always double knotting…to make your bracelet come out perfect, you have to even out your tightening process. You have to finish the bracelet without stopping.

  3. Can you make a youtube account showing how to make these? If you can that would be amazing….I just can’t seem to get the letters pattern…PLZ help me.

  4. omg ! these bracelets are awesome !
    if you can email me please i would like to ask you a few questions =]

  5. omgeee u r soooo gudd at makingg braceletss. i made a lot of patterns && i cant seem 2 find anymore on thee internet. do u have any instructions on how 2 makee the bracelets on ur page bc i cant seem 2 find it…….

  6. hey:
    sorry that i havent had time and money to buy the bracelets that you made me well the once on this picture.

    • Dayra, don’t worry…take your time…I will wait for as long as it takes until you are ready…I will keep your bracelets in a safe place for now 😉

  7. how can i order one of these?

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