Posted by: Rizza | December.9.2008

Computer mishap

My laptop’s been at BestBuy (or at the manufacturer) for 2 weeks now so I haven’t been able to reply to recent comments/new orders. Right now I’m using my sister’s laptop.

These bracelets are recently shipped to Vancouver, Canada. I just received 16 more orders from my aunt’s friends…which is what I’m working on right now.

canada orders

canada orders


  1. are you stilll making these under requests?

  2. I make them (any of the bracelets listed in the prices) when someone orders.

  3. Your bracelets are amazing!! You have skills girl!!

    I am going to order one for sure!(:

  4. I WANT ONE!!!

  5. can u do “=” equal signs when making bracelets????????????

  6. I definitely can LouLou ;-).

  7. rizza how much does it cost to order one?

  8. Hey Kevin, you can click on the “prices” archive above to check the listed prices for each bracelets…or you can just click on this link:

  9. haha! thankss, before i got to this i found it, i felt soo stupidd! for payment i can’t a check because im only 15. so could send in cash?

    alsoo. I make these bracelets too! im actually very good, yesterday i tried making one with my name and a peace sign and its coming out pretty good, ill send a picture of it once its done 🙂 but for mine i would like a leo sign on one side then my nick name haha K – Fedd andd on the other side can you put a peace sign?? or would the different symbols not work out.

    for the colors i would like the bg to be blackk and the letter color to alternate birght green and bight blue 🙂 please and thank youu !!!


  10. oh and my badd i forgot to tell you the size of my wrist aha i added a little extra so it can move arounddd

    8 inchess pleasee :p

  11. so do you make bracelets with the names itself or do you have to have symbols?

  12. Can I still Get one?

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