Posted by: Rizza | November.9.2008

Go Buckeyes!!!

Here is my pride to represent my state:


The Ohio State University’s intercollegiate sports team and players are called the “Buckeyes” (after the state tree, the Buckeye). They participate in the NCAA’s Division I in all sports.

mascot colors: scarlet, gray, white, and black

The bracelet above is actually an order from Erika of Cleveland, OH



  1. oh, when you design these do you just use a grid with ten things across and just draw them in? i mean like on that Heather’s bracelet site? cuz that would be awesome if it is! lol

  2. I actually use the tables (30×30) on microsoft word in my laptop and design/modify it from there…

  3. oh my goodness…thats my bracelet!! i knew it looked familiar. I’m wearing it right now!

  4. Well! You are REALLY good at this! How do you keep your’s so neat?! Everytime i try to make bracelet with letters in them, they just kinda turns deformed……………

  5. Could you make me one? Kik me if you have it at kenzie_boo32. Thanks

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