Posted by: Rizza | October.30.2008

Ordered Friendship Bracelets

Fall Quarter has been hectic with school, work, and making ordered friendship bracelets.  But with all of that happening, they can all be done!! (*with little sleep, of course*)

Since October the 5th to present (10/30/2008), I made 14 personalized friendship bracelets and 1 keychain…..below is the 11 bracelets

Jazmin’s order:  (-my first real customer-)




  1. The color-combination on each bracelet is the owner’s choice.

    I already made patterns for 4 different fonts…
    I can do symbols like: heart, yin-yang, peace sign, maple leaf, ball, skull, numbers, any of the zodiac signs, etc.

    • hi, your bracelets are amazing and i’d like to order one for my friend but i don’t live in the U.S is that possible?

  2. omg their AMAZING i sell them 2 and i was wondering how much u charge? because u charge $7

  3. Yes, I would prefer $7 each plus $2 for shipping.
    But if they order 10 or more, the shipping is free.

  4. Awh, that’s cool. 🙂 for some reason, I just can’t seem to design my own letters.

  5. Hi Rizza! Your bracelets are amazing!! I would like to order some if you’re taking orders right now. Please send me an email if so and we can discuss details! Thanks! ~Leigh

  6. Sure do, Leigh! I will send you a message soon!!!

  7. wow…i love them! haha i’m definitely enjoying them

  8. Could you make a Notre Dame football one?
    my girlfriend is a die hard fan.

  9. I can definitely try! I will e-mail you if I could make a pattern for it ;-).

  10. I would love to order some bracelets!! It’s hard to find them anywhere to buy. Thanks!

  11. I love making bracelets like this, actually right now im making cat collars for a lady at work and i wanted to maybe try a new design but i cant find a book or a website where the patterns and how to do them are easy to learn but that look really cool. if anybody has any information for me i would really love the feed back thank you

  12. hey !
    it so cool, can u make some for me =), i think more than 20 ;p
    please send me an e-mail

    thanx alot

  13. Hi,
    Can u plz make me one?
    More than 20 ??
    Please send me an e-mail
    Thank uu =)

    And Do u send 2 qatar , middle east

  14. Hi,,
    Can u do me some 😉
    i think more than 20 mabye 30
    Please send me an e-mail
    Thank u
    and keep up the great ideass

  15. I would like to order a few bracelets whats ur site

  16. Are you still making and selling? Thanks!

  17. Hii.
    That’s REALLY good.
    I was wondering how many strings you used.

    -Tara (:

    • My name is Tara too thats soo cool and are you mexican?

  18. Your bracelets are pretty amazing! Did you learn how to do all of these from that Klutz book? If so please let me know so i can get it and learn to make these bracelets!!

  19. I have been looking for a website to order a bracelet with my name on it… thank god i came across this! Your bracelets are soo good! Do you think you could send me an email? I would really like to order one! 🙂

  20. i can make some braclets if u e mail me @ i can see what i can do

  21. hi rizza how are you
    first i wanted to say that i admire your work + its for a reasnable price .. keep the good work up
    second i want to order a bunch of braclets im talking like alot .. atleast 20 each week
    i would realy appreciate if u can email me so we could talk about details because i didnt know how to order from the website
    i would really appreciate if you email me on my personal email :
    and thanks for your time

  22. Wow. I wish I had found your site earlier in time for xmas. I have several nieces & nephews w/names they can never find on anything, either because they’re spelled differently or just unique. Would love to know if you are still taking orders? And how many letters (name) can you fit on a bracelet? Where are you shipping from? Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you.

  23. Hi I want to show some school spirt to you know how to make a paw print? Please write me back. Thanks

  24. wow , they are beautiful !
    how can i get them !?
    i want them so much.

  25. wow i love them !!
    how you made them ?
    someone sells this ?

  26. Hi I am looking to get my 3 boys a personalized sports bracelet. I would want them to be of their favorite NFL sports teams in the team colors. I would need a Raiders Bracelet for a 9 Year old boy, a Colts Bracelet for an 11 year old boy, and a Saints Bracelet for a 14 year old boy. Please let me know what you can do and how soon.


  27. hi i would love to order some of your bracelets as long as you can put my words on there…. email me and we can see if i want to do business with you because i really like your bracelets

  28. We would like to get bacelets made in our childrens school colors for there class possibly putting there names on them. Need to know how much it would cost and how long it would take. Thank you:)

  29. i would like to buy two of these off you , if you could make me some with names and a heart and if you can a date on it . email me something if possibly .

  30. Cool blog. I sooooo wish I could do that. I’m jealous, lol. I have a blog too about friendship bracelets, can you check it out? I wanna have a blog like yours. Heres the link:

  31. Hi!
    I was wondering if you still make the name bracelets…. My daughter wants one for Christmas. I’d like a mint green colored bracelet with rainbow name and heart…. Please let me know 🙂

  32. like

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