Posted by: Rizza | August.23.2008

Football team-inspired friendship bracelets

Sorry for the lack of new post in the past days. I’m still here in San Francisco visiting friends and relatives. I meant to post these bracelets last week but forgot to.

Since football season is coming up, here are some of the football team-inspired friendship bracelets I made. Anybody interested in buying them e-mail me at rizzasbracelets[at]gmail[dot]com. Let me know your favorite NFL team(s)!



  1. OMG rizza! That is amazing! how did you do this? I mean where did you get the pattern???

  2. My sister created the letter pattern on this…

  3. Hello. I am interested in ordering 2 bracelets similiar to the “Chargers” bracelet photo you have above.

    Instead of “CHARGERS” please have
    one bracelet say “VOLLEYBALL” and the other “FASTPITCH”
    I would like to have the letters in color black. The background of bracelet, I would like in neon green.

    Please let me know the total cost of these two bracelets (to include shipping and handling.)

    Depending on how excited my daughter loves the bracelet, I intend to order more for her friends.

    Looking forward to doing business with you. Thank you.


  4. DO YOU DO COLLEGE TEAMS? i want an auburn and georgia bracelet

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