Posted by: Rizza | July.15.2008

Diagonal stripes

This is the first bracelet pattern I learned to make. I was probably 12yo at the time. I learned to make friendship bracelets from the Klutz book my mom gave me.

diagonal pattern



  1. football season is coming and i love the bracelets with the team names on them. just wondering do you happen to sell your bracelets online or anything?

  2. I love your bracelets. I am an avid maker myself, and your bracelets are very well crafted – very neat and symmetrical. Maybe we could trade patterns sometime!

  3. sure Kamilah, sounds fun!!

    thanks for appreciating my hardwork and dedication on making it really neat ;-).

  4. hello! i am ordering your bracelets, please tell us how many colors we can use for each bracelet. maybe you should include a color chart in your website too. thanks!

  5. I’m just a young girl and I look up to you very much…..I’m an expert at these and the hearts and the chevron but, I hope one day I can be just as good as you! 🙂

  6. Ey Tara, I am sooo sure you will be as good as me someday…maybe better! just keep practicing by making lots of new patterns—you’ll learn a lot that way ;-).


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